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repairing knight press

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Last year my father-in-law droped my knight heat press off a table then procedded to drag it on the ground for about 10 feet before he knew what he did. Now the thermostate does not seem to work. I was able to repair the dents in it. Even if I set the thermostate right down low the temp will still go up over 500. How Can I take it apart to repairt it?
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call knight and ask them.
yes....call and ask.

I have a george knight. Any issues Ive had they have been great in getting things fixed, and shipping any parts I needed out right away.
I would not operate the press the way it is. The temp, could get high enough to catch something on fire. It could be many different things inside which have either come lose or broke. It could be the probe came off the plate, or contacts are bent. I would call GK and ask.
Thanks everyone i will call Monday
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