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Rent me your digital pyrometer temp probe

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I suspect my heat press is temp is not accurate. Does someone want to rent me their temp probe for $20? (I'll pay for shipping both ways.) Figured I'd ask before I drop the $80 on a new one.

And no, I do not want the IR gun, I want the probe that actually touches the heating element..

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You might want one in case it ever malfunctions again so it might just be good to have one on hand.. also I think they sell little test strips that are accurate to 5 degrees
You're right. I'll be getting more heat presses in the future as well..
not sure if this might save you some bucks.. I haven't tested it but eager too before I buy the pyrometer.. (heat press test kit) I don't know if it helps or anything at all but I am curious

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Yes that's what I was also suggesting.... I think they turn colors but a digital probe would have a lot more uses and accuracy and in this business accuracy is key!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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