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I use a lint roller for the lint and hair that gets stuck to the t-shirt ... but it doesn't take care of the little t-shirt fuzz that seems to be pulled up when I pull the backing off the transfer ... I use Gildan 6.1 oz t-shirts ... have read alot of good things about this t-shirt ... but don't like the fuzz from the shirt that seems to be pulled up and show after the transfer. Any ideas???
It's funny you said that the Gildans are giving you a problem -- I find just the opposite! The 50/50 Hanes when peeled have a lot more "fuzz" that pulls up from the material. Now I don't mean the stray fibers that we all sometimes see. I'm talking about the material itself -- the knap of the material is just sooo much more "furry" than the Gildans. I find the material of the Gildans are less fuzzy and "flatter" (for lack of a better term). They cost more, but are worth it -- I've gotten nothing but raving remarks from customers about how soft and comfortable they are, and I enjoy working with that material.

Everyone's experiences are different -- maybe you should try samples of different materials, so you can see the Gildans vs. another brand? Maybe you'll find something you like better. Have you tried the American Apparel tees? They are more pricey, but are supposed to be a higher-end t-shirt...

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