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Remaking and selling licensed t shirts

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Hi All,

I'm looking into the legalities of taking licesed t- shirts, turning them into corsets, and then selling them on a website. Do I need a separate license (besides my business license) or can I just proceed?
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When you buy something at retail, such as a licensed t-shirt, you are free to do whatever you want with it. And that includes re-purposing it into a corset and selling it. This is based on the "First Sale Doctrine."

With that said, your corset is an unlicensed, homemade product. So IP owners can still take legal action and force you into court to prove your case. But as long as you are not violating any other laws, you would have a legal leg to stand on if you are willing to go that far.

Another thing to consider is your marketing and product description. You cannot market your corset as a licensed product. Instead, it is a "corset made of licensed material."
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