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Did you know there was life outside of t-shirts? Sometimes I forget :)

If you have found yourself wanting to post something outside the realm of t-shirts, but didn't have a place to post, now you do :D
Introducting the TF Lounge! An offtopic area of the forum to discuss those "other" things that happen in our lives (movies, work, books, music, family, favorite cereal, the wonders of the george foreman grill...you get the idea).

The same general forum guidelines apply in the TF Lounge, however the subject variety will be much more open. To keep things halfway civil, I just ask that you do not discuss political or religious topics :eek:
So after you've entered the Free Heat Press Sweepstakes, and you've voted on your preferred t-shirt color, and you've sent in an entry into the t-shirtforums t-shirt design contest, feel free to relax in the TF Lounge.
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