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Relatively New or Relatively Experienced to some..

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Hey Whats up guys?
My Names Chris, I am a CNC Machinist/Programmer, and a Screen Printer.. fun combination right?
Pretty much from 5am-3pm I design and make some of the wildest parts you've ever seen and they're made on a state of the art, insane CNC Machine, one of six in the US, one of five civilian ones though.

Then I go over to my Screen Printing shop and print some shirts!
I've only officially been a business for 4 months, but when I was in school down in Miami my friend managed two large screen printing shops, where I learned the ropes. I graduated in December, moved home in January, bought a Riley Hopkins 6/4 and have been slowly gaining business, I havent been advertising at all besides a facebook page, but am getting a lot of word of mouth business.
Looking to get a little busier and hire a printer, and start actually advertising.
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