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relabeling & free design advice

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Hi everyone, new to this site and have to say it is awesome, tons of good and reliable info. We have a couple of services which might help both the new and established businesses. We offer designing and prototypes along with many other services, including relabeling. Check us out at ktextilesolutions.com Questions on designing a new shirt, new fabric, etc.? drop a line - advice and suggestions are always welcome and free. :) We love to chat and hear about new ideas - there is always a better mousetrap to build.
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Hi Kat, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!

So your service is that people just send their labels and t-shirt blanks to you and you guys relabels them and send them back?
We can remove existing labels and sew in the new ones. We then return the finished product to the customer or we can distribute directly to their customers. We supply pick and pack for distribution as well. For those new to relabeling, most Tshirt labels are on the inside and pretty easy to attach, and it keeps the cost down, but there are some people who want them attached on the outside. For those, be prepared to pay more for that type of service, from us or any other company.
Prepare for the barrage!

Welcome to the forums.
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