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Regarding vinyl after pressing.

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New to this.. Printing only for myself.
Was curious as to how the vinyl some look once pressed.

Should the finished article have the tshirt texture showing in the vinyl or should it still be smooth.

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That depends on the vinyl and how thick it is, but for the most part, no you won't see shirt fabric design on the vinyl. Normally, it will be smooth.
Thanks for clearing that up.

I was using relatively fine vinyl.. and could just see the texture once applied.
I noticed that when I used thinner vinyl too. I also noticed the color of the fabric showing through the thin vinyl. But let me let you in on a nice trick I accidentally learned with the thin vinyl. If you want a distressed look, apply the vinyl and then repress it covered with plain clean copy paper! Part of the vinyl comes off on the paper.

In the pics, the B ended up distressed, the L is how it should have come out.


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Yeah I like that.
Always did like the well used look... Especially with text.

Thanks for the tip.
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