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I am currently looking for a DTG machine and don't know which one to choose. I know this question is asked again and again however I have done lots of research but am still struggling to make a decision.

I have been in business for about 8 months and have been steadily printing t-shirts using vinyl. It can be a slow process so I have a long turn around time which is affecting my sales. I've decided to go for a DTG machine to combat this.

The big issue I am having is cost. Being a new business I am on a tight budget and have only £5k to spend. I know its not a lot and I will only get a certain level of quality for my money but I want to use this as a stepping stone to progress my business. Due to my budget I have been looking into Refurbished machines which (hopefully) come with some sort of warranty.

Can anyone recommend a company in the UK that sells refurbished machines?

I have seen an Anajet Sprint for sale within my budget but after doing some research online (and on here) the reviews for this machine are not great.

Is there anything I should look out for when purchasing a refurbished DTG machine?

Sorry for the long message, any help would be greatly appreciated.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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