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Trouble deciding ... your wisdom & input is appreciated! We have a home craft biz and would like to offer sublimation. I cant decide between a Refurb Epson Artisan 1430 (199$) or an Epson Wf-7710 / 7720 (160$ish). I do like that the 1430 is smaller and a highly recommended printer but I'm worried about it being refurbished. I'm also looking into inkxpro inks with a refillable cartridge (no ciss). Info on color profiles, getting good greys, and sub paper that pairs well with this style set up is also appreciated!

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I am new to sublimation myself, I chose the epson WF-7620 and it has been working really well for me. Still playing around with my settings to get the best transfer.

One thing I do know about the Epsons tho, if you use non OEM cartridges then you cannot update the frimware at all on the printer. Theres a list on google of what frimwares will accept ciss and the refillable cartridges. That would be an issue I would check before buying a referb Epson workforce becuase they could of updated it. Sorry I cant be much help.
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