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Refine/USCutter/China Problems

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Hi All,

I've been using this plotter for a little while now... Although doing small stickers and things its been fine, but I am now starting to do bigger things, and sometimes the plotter just stalls (its as if the rollers have got jammed) but i can move the rollers by hand still.

I dont know if its the settings on the computer that are doing this or not, maybe it forgets where its supposed to plot next and just stops where its last coordinats are?

I've tried loads of different settings on it... I currently have it plugged in with USB (the only way I could get it to work)

I have had no luck with trying to use serial (just doesnt want to work through this means)

USB can be a bit dodgy too, sometimes i have to uninstall the USB driver and re-install it to get it to work again.

Anyone else have these problems? I would love to know how to fix it


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