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Hopefully this makes sense . Using PS CS3 extened (by the what is the extended part.)

I was sent a image of a logo with a black oval around it. For the dye sub shirt they want a royal blue oval around the logo.

At first I just refilled the oval with the new color. But then I noticed that if I keep clicking the paint bucket the color got darker as it keep adding color to the fill.

I haven't been able to get a good dark match to the royal blue on the shirt doing it like this..

So then I used the magic wand and deleted the the black color from the oval. Now the oval is transparent. I then went to fill the oval with the new color and it fills every so light. I can still see the transparency squares behind it. I can continue to click and the fill starts to get darker but don't understand why not on the first click.

So I then filled with black again and still very light fill.Not a dark solid black like you expect it to be.

So now not sure what is happening and nor why.
If I keep clicking to fill it gets darker but why is that. ?
Why not dark on the first click. ?

And more importantly when you replace a color say like the black to a royal blue and don't remove the black first when it prints does it print the black oval color first then lay down the royal blue or just the new royal blue ?


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I can't tell you the reasons why the program does that, but I can tell you what might help.....Select the layer you're working on......On the top of your screen go into the select dialog box and select color range (Select>Color Range) Another dialog box will open up........You'll also notice that when you roll your mouse over your image it will have the eyedropper tool on........Select the color you want (in this case the black oval) Now you can use the fuzziness slider bar in the open dialog box to select just how much of the black it is you want to select (Using one of the options in the drop down menu on the bottom of the open dialog box, can help you see just how much you're about to select)..........Once you've figured that out select OK in the dialog box...... If you've done everything correctly, you'll see a selection just around the oval........Create a new layer......In the new layer use Alt + Delete to fill that selection with color (Tip* If you change the foreground color to royal prior to using the Alt + Delete function you'll already have the color you want when you use it, If not, you could always use the Control + U function to change the colors) You can repeat these steps for the whole design to get your desired look. Hope this helps
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