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I purchased refillable Ink Carts for my Epson Artisan 700 from inkjetcarts.us after reviewing many posts about inks and recommendations for vendors. I wasn't ready to heat press just yet - I have an embroidery business, but since I needed a new printer, I thought I might as well plan ahead and get a printer that would print transfers.

I purchased from inkjetcarts.us and this has been a nightmare.

The prefilled carts and bottles of Claria II ink came quick enough and for a while worked fine, then I had Cart not Recognized errors. But the error messages went away when I put the Epson carts back in.

I called 3 times and there were 16 emails back and forth with Ross at inkjetcarts.us and he finally decided to send me a different system - with UV ink, supposedly it was a smaller ink/nozzel.

The inks were so thin that by the time the carts were primed the ink just ran out.

I again started e-mails Ross asking to just please refund my original $42 and let me go on my way - he then started asking me to jump through a bunch more hoops.

Final result - I have 2 sets of refillable carts that neither work, I have 99% full bottles of Claria II and Claria UV inks that are just sitting (anyone want to buy all these bottles of ink for $43 plus shipping?) and a very bad opinion of the customer service with inkjetcarts.us.

I'll buy another refillable system - just not from Ross.

Oh, just to let you know that I did anticipate that maybe most of this was operator error, after a few weeks, I went back and tried both systems - and again - cart not recognized and I'm not willing to try the very thin UV inks again since they started dripping as soon as I started filling them. Operator error - nope - bad product - yep.
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