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Red leader, do you read me>?

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Hey all,

Matt from Melbourne, Australia, here to share, learn and have some fun along the way through the power of t-shirts!

Looking through the forum briefly so far has been really overwhelming, as its so big, and there is so much information to absorb! I can't wait to spend some time here!

I like t-shirts, Asian grocery stores and facebook stalking amongst other things.

Looking forward to being schooled by some ppl here!

see you all around the traps....

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I wouldn't call it stalking.....it's more aggressively shawdowing, welcome to the forum, and I'll see you outside your window later this evening!
One thing I do.. (Especially when I'm reading books).. I keep a notepad next to me and a pen.. and jot down ideas and notes.. its alot easier than trying to remember where you saw what when.. Hope this helps! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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