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Red Ink on Black Tees

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Can anyone tell me how to make the adjustment to to add more white under the red only in a print. I am trying to make the red brighter on black. I have adjusted the height of the heat press. This has been an issue for some time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I imagine it depends on the color of red and how you are generating your white ink layer. If the red is 100% magenta and 100% yellow, you should be able to get a nice solid red. In the RIP, if you can choose 100% white under any color pixel in generating the white layer, that should also do it. Check your red and see how much black is in it and if there is any, reduce it to 0.
No black in it. It is set at 95 magenta and 95 yellow. I just wish I could lay down more white under the red only in the design to get it to be a little brighter. It is the only place there is red in the design however there is other colors I don't want to mess with. Am I making any sense?
If you are using DTG RIP Pro, you should be able to control it in the RIP. If you can't get the control you need, you should also be able to import a white channel. You could create your own with more solid whites and import it in the RIP when you go to your white ink controls.
Thanks for your help. I'm not really understanding where to go in the rip to control it.
I have dealt with this problem-maybe unconventional, but it did work. I selected just the red section, printed white ink later (you can choose your white ink density), after that prints, print the whole design as usual. Good luck!
Hi Casey,
Where did you go to print just the red station. I am confused. Thanks.
I selected the red in my drawing program (corel draw), cut, paste to new page, print with white ink only selection. Then go back to full artwork file and print the full artwork normally. If you are doing a production run, it adds time because you are actually doing 3 prints rather than two. I will be in my office in about an hour if you need a more technical description (I can walk you through step by step). Good luck!
I have been gone today. Will try tomorrow.
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