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RED GRID WOES We got em!

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Hi All, I worked diligently this weekend trying to successfully apply a Red Grid Light transfer paper to a 100% cotton tee. Before I proceed, I want to qualify a couple of things. 1) It's not the heat press because this same heat press presses vinyl, plastisol transfers and yes JPSS, without a hitch almost 7 days a week. With that said, I took 1 test transfer and cut it up in to pieces for the test. On each test, I marked on the shirt with a permanent maker the temp and time (and subsequently the pressure changes). After going through 2 tees pressing about 12 times per shirt, I could not come up with a single good print. So I gave up, and printed these to JPSS without 1 single hitch on 8 shirts. What gives? Anybody have any success with Red Grid on 100% cotton. I'd sure like to know the secret cause the colors seem to pop a little more on the RedGrid than the JPSS. Also, I don't have any difficulty pressing the RGL to mouse pads, but no success on tees:{

Thanks in advance for the help.

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