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red and black solenoids not working...troubleshooting suggestions anyone?

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I have ran cap/wiper cleaning after all ink supply and waste ink lines were clear from any clogs. Yellow and Cyan suck the solution out when doing cap clean but red and black do not. Red and black do not make the clicking sound when it is their turn to have the solution sucked out. Any advice on different trouble shooting solution I can try? Thanks so much!
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If ink is clogged up to where the solenoid can't compress the line it might be the issue, or if you removed the lines from the solenoids they might not be reinserted correctly (I seem to recall doing that once). At the back there should be a few elbows for each ink line and a small linear line that goes through the solenoid and gets squeezed (the solenoid is what does the actual squeezing of course). You should be able to disconnect the elbows, then push the solenoid back and pull the small linear tube out to clean it.

All this takes place at the back of the printer, so if you're probing around up front you're in the wrong area (sounds like you know what you're doing though).
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