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Recommendations for Coloured Shirts

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Hi, we are using a Kornit Storm II and wondered if anyone had recommendations for T Shirt suppliers. We are looking for various colours that will work well with the Storm.

At the moment the shirts we use are not giving good colour depth and look a little washed out.

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We are looking to add the Storm 2 to our shop and we recently tested several different garments on the machine. We had good success on the Hanes Nano t-shirts. I've also heard good things about the Anvil Ringspun as well as Fruit of the Loom HD line of shirts. It seems that any ring spun shirt will have superior print quality to a open ended shirt like Gildan. However, since we do print a lot on Gildan we did test on those as well and the prints are passable, they just don't pop as much. We only tested a several dozen shirts so I can't really speak to consistency of good prints. Perhaps someone else with much more experience has a more specific recommendation.
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