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We are a home-based business that does simple 1 to 4 color shirts. I'm looking for software and a printer to create inkjet film positives from user-supplied artwork (JPGs). We may also, from time to time, want to create simple stock designs, color separate them, easily size and register them. I'd imagine most will be spot color vs. halftones.

What would you recommend to be the most cost effective & easiest solution to give me the basic functionality I described? What should be on my shopping list to purchase? (ie Epson 1400 + Corel Draw x5 competitive upgrade + Inkjet Film + Special Inkjet Ink, Corel Draw Plugins for Screenprinting, Sports Clip Art, RIP Software, etc.)

Warning: I have Photoshop CS and hate it. I'd rather create graphics in Microssoft PowerPoint than to fumble around with Lassos, Channels, Layers and All that Jazz !!!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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