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Recommend A3 laser printer ?

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after lots of reading up and looking at different options, ive decided on laser prints with neenah imageclip .. i only want to print on white cotton tee's, but.. they are still for retail sale, so i really dont want any transfer left behind, ive tried the plotter/cutter system in the past and could never get it right, but .. could of made a confetti business trying

so basically i just need pointing towards an A3 laser printer.. no white needed as im only using white cotton tee's .. thanks in advance
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I have the oki873. Cadillac of the 831 series. Bought it for functionality. Tabloid and banner print , scan, fax. Added an oki bottom cabinet which makes it at a perfect work height with storage.
There is a new one on ebay for 2k. But if you don't need all the bells and whistles I believe there are some happy 831 owners here?
I did decide to use white for darks and there are resources here to accomplish that with these printers if you choose.
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