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actually I´m trying to make a shirt (college style) and I´m searching for the most economic way to realise offering still good quality. There are 3 elements to print. At the beginning all of them in discharge technique but it seems to be to expensive so I need to rethink.

I was thinking a few new print technique options and if theres a recomendation in other printing techniques for saving costs. It´s about Denim and bottle green shirts with darkyellow logos and a selfmade sleeve label. The label will be a logo printed on yellow background which will be fixed later on the shirt.

Frontal logo unicolor: screen printing

size and branding inside and a textmessage, small fonts:
discharge printing (because maybe the small fonts are better to see)

small label on the sleeve (4 colours):
colour transfer (in this case I was thing to use this because of option to save money with all this colours)

What do you think? Any recomendations?

Last questions: The printer is using Wilflex for screenprinting. Is this ink offering high quality results or is it a cheap ink.

Thank you very much!
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