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Reciprocator & Needle Bar not Catching

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Hello, been embroidering for 2 years now, and sewing since I was 5. Just recently started doing my own repairs/maintenance.

My Brother 1 head Industrial machine has a few needles where the reciprocator does not catch the needle bar for the first 3-4 stitches, and then by that point it came un-threaded and stops.

I Checked that the reciprocator is not broken, When watching upon startup, it looks like it might be to the side of the needle bar just enough where it is not grabbing it right away.

Any advice would be awesome.
Thanks in advance!
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Send a PM to EmbroidTek1, Jeff can probably give you an idea what's going on...
I can always tell its a brother by the topic question. LOL.
You can PM me if you need a support call/walkthrough.

Your zero cushions are starting to go, or completely degraded. you can either adjust the stop collar so its in the right position or completely replace them with aftermarket(they don't deteriorate the same). The adjustment usually lasts a while but eventually you will need to replace them.
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Have you been able to resolve this issue. I am having the same problem
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