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Really cool printing service I same across

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Ok this isnt really t-shirt related other then its about fabric :) and fabric is used to make shirts. But anyways I came across this really cool site where you can get custom printed fabric by the yard, the site is Spoonflower: Print custom fabric on-demand. It kind of like the t-shirt design softwares that let you upload a graphic and print it on a shirt, except this place you upload an image and they print the fabric for you by the yard. I was thinking that for those people that are looking for all over prints, that this might be an option to have your fabric printed and then the shirts sewn. I have not looked to deeply into the site, but hey its a possibility :) K I am going to go back and read more of the site to see what they offer :)
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Just came across this site and thought it looked pretty cool!
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