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Is it the software that allows you to print half tones or is it the setting in the printer that makes that happen just purchased a epson 1400 new to silk screening just trying to figure things out...thanks in advance everybody

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You will have to by printer that does only black halftone dotes Epson 1400 is a great printer but it does not use pixellated dots to make halftone. There is an Epson printer which is a Epson 1400 like printer that prints only black and halftones I think it is called ___________ Maxx SilkScreeningSupplies.com sales this printer. I hope this helps you. The printer is very expensive.

You can fake it. I use Corel X4
Turn photograph into a bitmap
Go to mode
Turn it into grayscale.
Color Transform
Max dot radius
Go to Centerline Trace
Trace Type
Line Art
Play around with:
Smooth corners
Keep original Artwork after Trace


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The epson 1400 will work (that's what I use), but you need a RIP software to go with it. RIP software is what converts the different shades to halftones, and talks to your printer. I use Accurip from silkscreening supplies, but there are a lot of different ones. I believe there is a GhostRip program that is free or shareware.

There are a few threads on hear of printing halftones without a RIP. I've never used that method, but I know some people are successful with it. Do a search on half tones with photoshop.
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