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REAL matte and thin PVC-free vinyl transfer?

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Hi Guys

I know that I can find similar questions in this forum, but I am nevertheless still stuck with this problem (since I have tested everything suggested, so far):

Does anyone know of a completely matte, reflection-free, thin (around 50-60 microns) vinyl transfer, which is PVC-free?

I have tried several which claim to be matte (among them Chimica Hotmark and Siser PS Film), but they end up with a slightly silk/semi matte look (especially with darker colors). The trick with craft paper doesn't work for me. I know the difference in looks, since Promaflex PVC (180 microns) looked beautiful and perfectly matte, but it does contain PVC, as the name says (and is too thick).

Hope to hear from you guys!

Thanks in advance,

PS. I am from Denmark/Europe, so that may limit my choices even more.
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Maybe try Neenah® Jet-Opaque™ heat transfer material. I think it's made mostly of cellulose instead of vinyl, and it is matte.

Not sure if you'll find a vinyl that is PVC free. I'm looking for the same in an adhesive vinyl, but it seems that PVC is a key ingredient in all vinyls. I want something biodegradable and durable, but those don't seem to coexist in adhesive "vinyl" films. Still searching...
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