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Hello to all
After one year in t--shirt printing is time to take the next step and make T-Shirt printing my full time job!
I have started before one year for hobby but know the hobby became a part time job!
I have started with hobby machines ,a sihlouete Cameo 3 cutter for vinyl and decals ,an Epson 7110 printer for JPSS and a Heatpress!
Long story short I have manage to increase sales over my internet shop but that is not enough so I can say goodbye to my full time job as truck driver!
I am ready to hit the local market but before I do that I was thinking what problems may appear!
The first problem is that I need something that I can make 100-200 t-shirts (is a lot of trouble to make 200 t-shirts with vinyl because of the weeding).
The second problem is to print in black garmins...
So I make my research and my solutions to this problem is screen printing or eco solvent printer!
For the eco solvent :
I have find polyurethane film that is so thin that I can print and press in black garmins with acceptable results and durability
Also I like the eco solvent because with this I can make digital printings , banners and decals !
I don't like the maintenance that required in this printers!

Screen printing:This is for me I think the best solution to print in dark garmins and also to make 200 t-shirts in little time!

The problem is that I have watch a lot of videos and still I can not understand the process!

That's why I have decided to make a 2 days course (one day the basics and the other day the advance)

The second problem is that I have not a lot of space to my workshop !I have space for screen printing machine with one arm and not with 4 or 6 !
What's the limitations of I buy the screen printing set with one arm?
Can I make a full color t-shirt(halftone photo) with only one arm?

Which method do you recommend for printing a lot of t-shirts (for school and organisations) ?
The target is to hit my local market and grow my business


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Screen printing is a little restrictive. Since you already own a heat press, you should look into Screen Printed Transfers. Much less messy than Screen printing and very easy to apply with your press! One of the biggest benefits to this is if a customer forgot to order one or needs just one or two more, you can have a few extra prints on hand to take care of this. It really happens on most orders!

Best wishes, this is my 2 Cents!

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Plastisol screen-printing combines speed, low cost and, and durability. It is by far the best method of printing large number of shirts with the same design. However I don't recommend anything less than a 4 station print press. I use a 6 station one and I wouldn't mind an even bigger one, but then I will also need more space for extra dryers.

Screenprinting can also be used for water-based inks, and discharge... but all these are much slower than plastisol.

DTG (inkjet garment printers) is also OK for single shirt prints, but much more expensive, slow, and less durable.

There are a few more ways to make t-shirts, one you already using... but for me, they are too slow and limiting.
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