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Ready to purchase the Roland bn 20 Versastudio. Which company to buy from?

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I've done my research on full color printing on dark and light garments and my research has me leaning to the roland bn 20. It is expensive but I'm in to making money and I think I can make some with this machine.

I'm still unsure about the material that I want to use because I'm looking for the most durable and the softest hand.

I need to know what company to purchase from. Do these companies send you samples of the available heat transfer materials available? If so please let me know what all comes with this machine. I want to buy from whoever gives me the most material to try out.
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On such an expensive machine, I would want to buy from whoever has the lowest price. Take that savings and get all the samples you want.

Contact the preferred vendors who sells the bn20 in the left hand column of this page. Ask if they give a discount to forum members. Some will offer an additional 5% off. That's who you want to buy from.
The only other thing that I would add to that is make sure that who you buy from can give you the training and support that you will need. Saving a few dollars does mean anything without that.
Just my two cents
Which color configuration are you buying. Also some dealers will try to charge you 795.00 for installation. In my opinion the installation if done over the phone should be 100.00 or less. Also most dealers will promise you the world till they get your money, so be very careful who you buy from.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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