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Hi All,
Just wondering if Full body Reactive printing on cut panels of a Tshirt is viable?!

Given if you have a large printer such as Shima Seiki SIP160F3 (which in fact promotes Reactive DTG printing itself)
and one is willing to invest time for pre and post treatment equipment such as steaming and washing etc.

The results will have fantastic brilliant colors, ultra breath through soft handle and wash fastness as compared to Pigment printing and cheaper too.

The turnaround time will definitely suffer due to multiple processes involved....but that could be handled easily for large jobs.

Furthermore one does not need to keep stock of colored T shirts for DTG as all background colors could be printed along with the graphics. Would just need to keep different white fabric or its cut panels ..

There are some pitfalls in washing such as color bleed from Dark to light and cross staining ..but these are easily resolvable using specialty soaps/detergents.

waiting for comments!
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