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Re: USScreen has been sold

These are the Facts: (in my opinion) A small business owner for 8 years in the industry!

If Hirsh had not done this U.S Screen was Gone! (my opinion)

This was a Bail Out and Hirsh got one heck of a deal. Why? FIRESALE!

Because they will bring back a 2 million dollar a year film business.

They will now stock ink and T-Jet suppies AGAIN!

Dealers who were buying ink direct like someone we know will be buying ink from them again not DuPont.

It will take years for them to get this company back on track like the good old days.

They only have 3 or 4 sales guys left and the staff has been cut back and salaries redused to the min.

You must ask yourself one question? Why would Scott Fresener avoid a statement here. His competiton post everyday!
Harry, maybe you can answer this.

Also, I watched this forum and the t-jet issues for a year before I posted.

Where is Aaron the marketing guy at? He used to protect every post against U.S. Screen or Scott. Was he a casualty of war?

Something just does not fit about all this. Their website has been stalled out for a month. No new info or videos from Scott.
This puzzle is not yet complete in my opinion!

My 2 cents about this..Not bashing anyone. I want my T-Jet working again, so GO HIRSCH!
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