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Re: Things I wish I'd known from the start.

You'll, okay, T-shirt Forum. I know one thing that would have helped us is a screen printing class. We live in NJ, but real close to PA, and NY. Well, now that you mentioned it, everything is real close to NJ, because it's so darn small.

Anyways, I found a school in Philly that teaches Screen Printing. Even though it's something you can buy a book, a one color one station kit, or speedball set and learn, it's nice to have a mentor.

If you contact this lady, and give her my name (paul canales of NJ), she'll give you a great deal: Veronique Cote, Email: [email protected] She's real nice, and they have a class in August and October. Even if you have to get a hotel, take the class you'll wish you did. I'm one of her best students ever. Okay, I'm just kidding on that part. It's late and I want to have fun while I'm simulating talking to all of you.

Really though, take the time, and look into this class. It will never hurt you to gain knowledge. As they say, Knowledge is Power. Just don't ask me who They are.
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