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Re-Labeling in the Los Angeles Area

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I read an older post and somebody recommended to call these two:

Matt Label - Frank Peyman, (213) 747-7717

i Label, Warren Choi, (213) 380-6110,

I did but they both say they DO NOT do Re-Labeling. I'm a newbie and only gonna start with like 600 shirts or so. I will probably get my woven labels from www.laven.com since they have no minimums....I just need a re-labeling service....probably gonna go with AA shirts and have the top label taken off and then have mine sewn in......
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If you're going with AA you can get them from TSC apparel and have them do the relabelling.
The problem with TSC is that they do NOT carry all the color combinations for my shirts that AA already does since I am in the LA area. THey might have a black red shirt ....but not have pink or white.... I have to have a women's shirt in Black/Red/White/Pink or /Fuchia........so for me to buy from AA then ship to TSC to relabel is an extra expense in my area.....
If you buy your AA shirts from TSC you will get free freight on all AA orders over $200. If you need a color that TSC doesn't stock, then they will special order those colors from AA and drop ship them whereever you want and the free freight over $200 applies.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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