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Re: Graphics Designer. Hire, Partner, or DIY

Hey everyone, have not been up here in awhile. I have a question about getting or doing graphics. YOu see I dont have have any art skills, but I do want to learn. At the same time I was thinking about hiring a graphics designer.

What I want to know is if I hire/partner with a graphics designer, how does that work? Are they paid by the hour, by design or per shirt sale? How does that work? I am look for some one to design the zodic signs for me. All 12. If a cool graphics designer/s can get back with me that will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for you help and I hope to be working with some cool designer soon.

Peace and Blessings
Shenice :)
My studio will gladly work for you....link is on the signature. You get each zodiac design custom, full resolution, laid out in Illustrator on the media of your choice. Just pm me if you want a price quote. Thank you and blessings to you!!:)
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