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Re: Do you give the digitized design to customer

Also, some embroiders don't like to give away their digitized designs because they believe they are giving away their quality and without that file the new embroider won't look as good.
well said...we do just that. We never give out designs to the client.

The client will pay for the digitizing and we shall keep it in our files for their future orders but never release them because they will get a good quality digitized design which will then be taken to another embroiderer who will charge less for the actual emboidery.

So this way we retain faithful clients and not those who are just after cheap deals.

Oh and sometimes we get a client bringing in a design that had been punched by another embroiderer and 99% of the times the design is aweful so depending on the order, we might ask the client to pay for a repunch or we may repunch for free if the qty is over 500pcs.
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