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Re: Are big orders really THAT bad for DTG machines?

Mark (Belquette), I was truly impressed by your machine, and would have loved to get 1 (or 2:p), but I'm afraid that I can't wait for you to complete your testing and to begin production (unless it's in the next month or two)
Thank you,

We will have production units available under 2 months.

Some food for thought:
You could buy 2 mod1's for the price of one Eclipse and effectively double your production over the Eclipse and have build in redundancy.
The Eclipse will not yield any more production on dark's or lights then one mod1 party because the Eclipse maximum ink drop size is about 20% less then the mod1, this enables the mod1 to print @ lower resolutions that give it the edge over the DTG products.

Since the Eclipse has only one platen (one y axis) only one printer can be active at one time.


Also, we have a Bank leasing program that will save you money over typical machine leasing outfits.

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