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rat rod shirt print. 3 colors help please aligning.

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How is everyone today? Good i hope.
I have a couple questions. Still kinda new to this but i have a design that a friend wants me to do for him for his business shirts. It is a 3 color design and the body of the car is the shirt color. The colors are white, black and grey. I was curious what steps you would use to print this and the order. Also i have been having an issue aligning the colors to match exactly next to each other. with just a small shift i get a small line of shirt color between the 2. I have not printed this one yet this is why i am asking.

I have attached a picture for reference.

Also the shirt color will be orange as indicated by he large box of orange behind the image.

Thank you guys so very much.

I may have a couple question about the front design. It will be more pinstripe stuff.


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How is the registration on your press? Do you have micro registration? What kind of register marks do you use? With proper alignment of the images on the screens, that shouldn't be too difficult. If it is a small order, I would trap and flash the white and grey. On larger orders I would butt print wet on wet. God Bless.
It is a ranar elite 6/6 if i remember right. Micro reg yes. Reg is ticht no slack and i spend good part of a day leveling all platens and all screens to all platens. I have not ever used reg marks. Just aligned before process. The order will probable be like 25 or so on this order and design will change some and be another 25 and so on.
I would recommend using registration marks. It will make your job set up so much easier. Print order for me would be gray,black white. There is only a few areas where a trap would even be nessary. I personally would make a very small trap like .10pt Have never printed witha Ranar but their suppose to be a decent press.
Would anyone be willing to help me out a little bit with the trap. I have never used it. Also I have been looking at how illustrator shows rich black and 100k black. How would I need the setting or preferences set up in illustrator? Sorry to be asking so many questions. Still reading and learning.
Pm me. I can help you out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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