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I am wanting to see if any can help point me in the right direction to figuring out why I am having this issue. I have some artwork that I am trying to print onto screen print waterproof film using Cobra all black CIS with an Epson 1430.

Thinking that is was in the artwork I checked illustrator for any dots and nothing. The dots are not in the same location on each print. They vary and are random. I changed the font and the random dots were stronger and in a different location. I did head cleanings, print alignment, nozzle checks and everything seems to be good. We use accurip and we tried using less ink, normal ink, more ink. Lastly we tried reducing the droplet weight significantly to no change.I am confident it is not ink on the rollers since it happens so randomly. Other things I checked were if there was anything inside the print area. I lifted the top lif to make sure the cis was not hitting the lid and pushing the print head down. I am out of ideas!

The print resolution is at 720dpi x 720dpi. The epson print settings are on the best photo setting, photo paper glossy selected.

I have attached images of what is happening. Please let me know if any of you can help point me in the right direction of the problem. I have other film that I printed recently without the issues.

Thank you,



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