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R2000 head cleaning all the time - change mainboard

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Hi all,

I've just bought a used R2000 from ebay for converting to DTG. I think the mainboard has had a spike due to a faulty USB cable being used during its first setup. The seller swears it was ok before shipping so I assume that is the case. The problem is it keep doing head cleans, during boot and before every print.

I need to change the main board but can anyone tell me what needs to be done software/firmware wise when doing this? Is it just a case of pulling old one out and putting new one in or is there some work to be done in the adjustment software?

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I changed the main board out in my r1800, which is almost the same as the 1900 and had no problem coming online,, I marked all the cables where they go back in with a marking pan,, make sure the printer is unplugged.
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