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Hi all, i have been redirected here due to a problem with an epson r2000 based a3 dtg 8 colors.
I have no problem at all printing on white garments;
On dark garments , after pretreatment, when i try to lay down the white underlayer all i get is black ink:confused:

The black ink is basically being printed instead of the white channels. They seems somehow disabled:confused:

I did read about a "replace white ink" setting on epson printers that shut down some channels . May be this?
i am using Acro rip 8.2.6 W

Doubt that the printhead or nozzles clogged, i have primed al channels hours ago, CYMK work flawlessly, the four whites not at all.I verified the whole circuit aswell and seems a software or settingrelated issue Not a single white spray on prints.
In the printhead waste ink pool i have seen some white too, and on the little soaking sponges under the printhead.

Thank you in advance for any clue and suggestion!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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