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R1900 Print Spatter on Image

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I have a new R1900 with the Ink Republik CIS system filled with Artanium Ink.
Last week the printer was producing great prints, we print a test page every day to avoid blockages and over the long week-end this did not happen. The nozzle check shows all nozzles working fine, but if you look at the attached pic, I cannot work out why it is doing this. We emptied the waste bottle which was quite full and have printed over 200 A4 prints with no change. Anyone else had this problem that can please help me.



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Are you sure it's not the jpeg itself that has the spots or specks? I really can't see them on my dirty monitor, but I have had to clean up a couple logos that were emailed to me. Sometimes they aren't noticeable on your monitor until you increase the contrast. It's just a thought.
thanks for the input, but no, its happening even on text that I export direct from photoshop
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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