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im looking for info on the anajet (sprint) in particular) but past model 1800 models would be good aswell... i have heard good reviews in regards to the machine..

im in the process of building my own diy dtg based on an epson r1900.. i have been successful with prints running it in roll mode with just a few sensor conversions, however i am unable to print a noozle check or head align check running in roll mode still havent figured it out why this is once it errors in roll mode i have to revert to sheet mode to clear it out after trying a nozzle check..major pain. it allways reverts to the sheet mode to be able to do this..therefor i intend trying a different approach with my controller running in sheet mode ..there are quite a few more sensors to overcome in sheet mode and im guessing this is what other commercial dtgs are doing just wanted to confirm that with someone who owns one..

i have been testing ek rip for my project and it allows you to pick which mode sheet, manual, or roll as well as multirip gp..so if someone can confirm which mode the anajet brand machine works in it would be greatly appreciated...

additionally i would like to know if the anajet machine still incorporates the auto pg adjust-if so the gears would still be on the side and it would adjust accordingly when printing...

on the stock r1900 printer they use a small relay board that is normally attached to the side of the paper feed tray it has a connection for the encoder-the auto pg adjustment- and the pe switch ..im wondering if this is still incorporated on the anajet modified machine? on the mother board a ffc cable comes out of (CN5) it goes to this relay board im speaking of..im curious as to where it leads to on the anajet model..

i intend using my own controller for the modifications, just not sure how they are going about the change in sheet mode at this point... again im not looking for proprietary information..just which mode they run in and what original electronics are still present...this could all be seen by viewing it with the cover open just haven't got one local to view...i have seen and older t-jet and a dtg kioske but thats it here...thought this side of the forums would save me some travel time..:)

i know they have there own controller attached...however i dont know if any eeprom data to the programming of the epson mother board has been changed, im not sure this can be done and resold... anyway any info or pics would be helpful for me to get my r1900 controller built...:)

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