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r series 24'' vinyl exress: when i enlarge them it goes crazy and cuts corners and adds in a lot of extra slashes

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im having trouble and wasting a lot of vinyl.. ( please tell me if im in the wrong forum)
i can cut my images small and then when i enlarge them it goes crazy and cuts corners and adds in a lot of extra slashes

i have the r series 24'' vinyl exress

i also need to know do i need to eject the usb flas drive to my lxi software.

i bought all my stuff second hand so i cant use the free trouble shooting.

the guy i bought it from said he had bought a longer cord and it cut crazy like it is doing now with the original cord i have been using. and ive lost the guys # who ibought it from so here i am asking you guys for help! i have large banners to get out and im getting frustrated!
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I am not in the sign business and this sounds like a dumb question but is the image you a cutting a vectorized graphic?
yes and no- let me explain

i cut a google image that i vectorized it worked just fine ( 10x12 inches )

i cut a downloaded font (varsity) and it will not work when i cut it big. so i saved it and vectoried it and it still does not work. ( big or small) i got it to cut half way right one time when i cut it 10inx10in

another downloaded font didnt work ( just used the text key and entered my text )

so i thought maybe its my downloaded fonts so i used a basic font no luck in cutting it small however i just said wtheck and tried it and it cut 30x20--- so it feels like a hit and miss but it has to be somthing and im sure its simple~
it worked while cutting it big however it made a line from my top arched font to my lower font... ???
i just tried another downloaded font and it worked perfect when i cut it both large and small
Not sure what software you are using but I always check the wireframe veiw in Corel before cutting vinyl. Sometimes there are hidden stuff in design that you dont see normally or layer taht need combined or welded
lxi software

even on a plain text? I've not had problems with images...
Is the cutter grounded? If not or you do not know what that means, do a google search for "vinyl cutter grounding", that could be one problem. Another, make sure you using a serial connection and not usb.

And anything you cut has to be a vector, graphic or otherwise.

I have a VE R31 and use SignBlazer, mine came with the LXI software but don't care for it so I'm not help there.

Good Luck! Alan
I bought it second hand. N now i do remember the gay saying something about one cord made it cut crazy. it has another cord ill check it and and see if that helps!
i am using the USB
i have another cord that come with it but it does connect to my laptop...

can i just open LXI and use the text tool and cut it. or i have to vector the text also ?
i googled grounding cutting. but i havnt found exactly what im looking for. im a visual learner. so where on my cutter do i attach the wire?
If you create something in LXI, then it's cuttable... Just if you create in another program is has to be vectored before you cut it.

I'd seriously consider adding a serial port or using a pc that has one with these cutters. I had a horrible time with usb and then finally bought a used tower that had serial ports on it and use that just for the cutter and no problems.

Attach a ground wire from a screw on the cutter, and then to the stand, just make sure you scrape away paint so it's metal to metal, that will cause erratic cutting/performance also.
How to ground your MH721 cutter - USCutter Forum

Check out this link for pics.

good Luck! Alan
One more question. wire frame was mentioned- i have no directions to the lxi software but i have been playing around with settings (i my have messed something up in my program ) there's fill and no fill. and wire frame? what view should i be in when i cut?
i read on sign ware house that i need to just buy a usb / serier converter. so im googling around are they all the sae or do i have to have a special one for my laptop or the cutter?
You d/l a manual for the software from signwarehouse, it's in pdf form.

You need to in fill/stroke I assume, never messed with wireframe, as I always create everything except text in inkscape then import into the cutting program, which I now use signblazer, both of these are free.

There should be a serial port on the cutter next to the usb port, you may try that but I was having so much trouble, and wasting so much vinyl until I just went straight serial port.

Hope this helps! Alan
i just ordered a serial port/usb converter so i hope that works..
ill go download that and ill also try to design in inkscape (i already use that) and send it over to lxi
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