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Hi guys,

Hope someone can help.... On starting up one of our printers, it ends up dsiplaying SERVICE REQ - 00010033
After a lot of switching off, then back on again we finally get to the "Ready" stage. However, when we try to do a head clean on this printer, we end up getting alternating service codes SERVICE REQ - 00010035 and SERVICE REQ - 00010033.

On doing a bit of research, the codes apparently are:
SERVICE REQ - 00010033 - Eject phase detection error
SERVICE REQ - 00010035 - Pump phase detection error

In reality though, what exactly is wrong? I'm wondering whether its a capping station issue, perhaps dried ink has worked it's way into something, or is the wiper blade sticking? Or is this a sensor issue?

Any help would be appreciated!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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