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R. Jennings 4 Color Hat/Shirt Press

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This is a rock solid machine built by R. Jennings Mfg. It is a hat press but has the T-shirt board attachment to print shirts as well. Also included is another attachment that I am not sure what its for, maybe someone knows. It is built out of welded aluminum. One of the best made presses ive ever seen. It originally sold for almost $2000 new with the included attachments.

Known Issues: in my opinion these are really not issues as the machine will print shirts and hats right now in it's current condition. However in an effort to be as honest as possible:

1. the 3 bolt holes that hold the attachments on are kind of stripped and need to be rethreaded which is an easy job with a drill and tap...wouldnt take prob 30 minutes to fix.

2. the spindle in the carousel is probably dirty/needs oil because it is not as free spinning as it should be. it's a smooth spin so it does not feel like bad bearings. I figure its a little gunked up with ink and dirt, but not sure. Again an easy fix.

In any case, it will print AS IS if you dont want to address these 'issues' immediately.

$500 cash you pick up in Edgemont Arkansas or I can probably disassemble and ship it at additional cost to you.

Call/text me at 501-472-4279. Thanks for looking...James

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