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Quoz junior Tees - anyone know the quality?

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I noticed that Quoz junior tees have a great variety of colours that range from size 0-14. Has anyone had any experience with these tees as far as sizing, quality, shrinkage, printing plastisols tranfers onto them? They are a 190gsm semi-combed cotton jersey - is this a good thing?

Also they have some great looking adult tees - I'm looking for some nice modern styles,(mainly for the ladies) not the baggy type of tshirt. Any suggestions?
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Whose the distributor sallys? I assume from the name these are an Australian brand?
Hi printon,

New Waves Merchandising is their distributor but I originally found them under Stitchem website. Yes i am presuming they are australian - the name Quoz apparently stands for quality Oz (australian) clothing. They are located in Revesby NSW. They have a good range of clothing but I am really interested to know if anyone has used them before and get their feedback.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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