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Quoting Customers - Heat Pressing Custom Transfers

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Hello everyone,

I would like some assistance with quoting my customers. I print a lot of custom jobs, and I will usually do them with plastisol transfers from a supplier. I would like to know how you guys quote for your custom shirts printed with transfers. For example, if someone were to order a 3 color front, and 2 color back design, but all 5 colors were different, my quote would be rather high.

Let's say they wanted 50 of those shirts, I would have to order 100 transfers, 50 for the front, and 50 for the back. I would be quoting about $15 per shirt for that, that seems quite high for me. Hopefully I am making sense with this. Could anyone help me out?
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The 1st price I figure out is cost plus 30% and 1.00 for each hit with the press and adjust accordingly if needed.....Depending on your market, that may be high or low.....
Thanks Royster let me see what I come up with with that formula, that doesn't include a prepress does it?
I would count pre-press as part of the final press count.....You typically can not get as much profit on heat transfer shirts as on a similar quantity of screen printed shirts....But where you can make up the some of the difference is by buying extra transfers and selling extras and/or re-orders.....
I would be at 13.80 including prepress using that formula, a little better. Do you think I would be better outsourcing that to a screen printer?
Do you think I would be better outsourcing that to a screen printer?
That depends on the quantity. We outsource larger quantities to a screen printer in the next city over. Check around your area for someone that contracts screen printing.
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