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Newbie - Quote

Hello All,

I am new to this but I want to have a statement printed on t-shirts for resale. So far I have received a quote of approximately $300 (< 50 shirts) to produce my first lot.

Before I contact the other online stores, I’m hoping to get some advice from you all on recommendations of how I should proceed from here.

This is what I want to have quoted:
*Basic white shirt black ink
*I do not want an online store/fulfillment services just yet
*Ship (minimum order) lot to me

1) Which method is most economical for printing words in black ink on white shirt? I created a design in PowerPoint. Words in a circle. I’m trying to decipher the methods.

2) Is print-on-demand better for a smaller lot (< 50 shirts)?

3) I want to resale the t-shirts on my own. Which online store, in your opinion, has the straightforward quoting process?

4) Should I just visit multiple local stores for a job this (I’m assuming) basic? If I place an order for this job online, there will be an additional shipping & handling fee?

5) Since I want to resale the t-shirts on my own, the online store will probably want the grand total paid before starting the job, correct?

I’m trying to read through as many posts/threads as I can to answer these questions on my own, but find that it gets a little overwhelming at times. So, any advice/recommendations you can offer are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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