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Hello all.

Im pretty new to this stuff...only been messing around with it for a month or so but learning fast! I have a question about writing a quote. What would any of you charge for the following sign? It will be going on glass doors....and I will be making 8 of them total.

"must be 21 to enter"
Oracal 651 (white)
Size approx. 5" tall x 9" wide
Just the letters....Arial Font.
I will be installing also.

Do you charge by the letter, or by the size of the sign?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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If it installing to and set up I would be closer to $75 or so because you gotta clean glass go there and make sure it is straight...
5x9?? will that be actual size or area you got to play with because won't be proportionate

Oh and pricing vinyl is something everyone do different
You can charge by letter or size but honestly it comes down to what you think you are worth : )
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