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quikseps over spotprocess

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i tried a demo of spotprocess & it worked fo rone of my images. . . but i tred it on another & wow. . . it sucks ars! i got a screen pritners opinion & he said that some software uses the same separated color every time. i checked it in spotprocess, the same 9 pantone everytime, down to the last color code.

so, anyone had great or constant custom results with quikseps?
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I believe all , at least the majority of seps progs use pre determined colors. You can edit those colors. The sep progs are a great starting point for any design separation. You will need to tweak them to get the most optium separation possible.
General knowledge of separations, Photoshop and color theory are a must.
I have a few customers with Quikseps and and a few with fast films.
I used to sell spotprocess.
I would say from customer comments that quikseps works best.
i know in spot process you can change colours to custom colours, I'm sure you can do the same in the others.
All these packages have their own short falls and as mentioned by Fluid, a good knowledge of photoshop and seperations will always give the best results.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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