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QuickBooks Tracking Question

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I am fairly new to the T-shirt biz, but I am familiar with QB. My question is, since we pay for all of our purchases with a bank card, do we need to associate those "Cost of Goods Sold" purchases with the customer? At my old job we only accepted checks and only paid with checks so when we received a bill we would have to manually input the bill and then associate it with the customer.

Currently we are doing everything electronically/online so I am not quite sure how that works. It seems like it would be a good idea to link them up some how, just not sure how to go about it since it is all online.:confused:

Thank you for your assistance.
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When you enter a Purchase Order in QB's you can select what customer the item is for. This would be strictly for tracking purposes. When you run financials it will not have them broke out in details... Total Sales minus Total Cost of Goods Sold = GM
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