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Quick question about printing on 100% polyester

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Any help is appreciated:

I have a job printing on 100% poly soccer jerseys. They want fluorescent pink ink and I was wondering if printing a poly white underbase is enough to stop the dye migration as the only color poly ink I stock is white. Is this the correct procedure?

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Depends on which poly white ink you use.... we lay down rutland with a color on top, and never have a problem with migration.

If it s a small run, why not do it in vinyl?
Thank you....yes, it is a short run and I will be actually doing the job in cad-cut material. I was just curious because I was looking at the design and dreading weeding it. It's also a 2 color design (pink/black on lime green jerseys). I also already have fluorescent pink ink in stock but it is not a poly ink.

I wasn't sure if most people stock a variety of poly inks or just use a white blocker base. Do they make it in clear? Just wondering.
I would be careful using a fluorescent ink on dark poly due to it's transparent nature. Subtle changes to the undercoat could be very obvious on a flourecent color. I've seen the need to do a 2nd white undercoat with a lower mesh count to combat this issue. Remember, excessive heat is a large factor in dye migration.
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